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Walt Gonske Tea Time 32 x 34 Oil on Canvas Available at

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Saks Galleries Cherry Creek

Walt Gonske
Internationally honored Taos Artist

Walt Gonske Taos Artist Tea Time 32 x 36 Oil on Canvas Available at
Walt Gonske "Tea Tea" 32 x 36 Oil on Canvas

"In the past, I would have an idea for a painting and hold to that idea through to the finish.  I could pretty much see the end result before I started.  There were no surprises.  But now my understanding of the process is that the idea is just the first impulse.  From that first impulse forward, improvisation takes over.  The end result is not about that first idea, but is instead a record of all those impulses along the way.  Each stroke of paint carries emotion and power.  I work in a loose, painterly style in part because I want the viewer to see the process and not hide it behind 'finish;' for the viewer to maybe even feel how a particular piece of paint was put down.??
Painting is not about reproducing nature.  I like the notion that art should have more to do with the communication of the artist's emotions to the viewer through the paint itself." 

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Walt Gonske
Walt Gonske - Biography

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