Saks Galleries is located in the heart of the Cherry Creek North shopping district. Family owned for over 50 years, Saks Galleries is dedicated to bringing fine art to the region. Specializing in 19th to 21st century American and European oils, watercolors and bronzes, Saks Galleries is interested in acquiring both individual works and entire estates.

New Arrival by Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown "Autumn in the Valley" 36" x 38" Oil 

Growing up in Grand Junction, Colorado, Gordon Brown is well acquainted with the majestic landscape of the West.  Choosing to have his studio near where he grew up on the western slope of the Rocky Mountains, Brown finds peace and inspiration in the surrounding landscape.  From the balcony of his studio at the back of the property, Brown can survey the imposing mountain range.  Brown remarks, "There is something about just going to the edge and looking at space and air..."

Throughout his career, Gordon Brown has been influenced by the Tonalist painters of the 19th century.  Like these artists, Brown considers it his "responsibility as a painter to record and reveal the natural beauty of the landscape as faithfully as possible." Therefore, he spends a great deal of time in the field studying his subject matter. The photos and small oil studies he does on site are just a reference, however, and bear little resemblance to the canvases he ultimately produces.